Uschi competition heeling with her Bouvier des Flandres.

Dogs love her, people love her and apparently the competition world loves her, too.

Uschi, born in Vienna, Austria, has been dominating the competition world for 26 years and is the only person to win both the German and Austrian National Schutzhund Championships with different dogs.

Uschi has competed internationally in Schutzhund and Agility and has coached numerous dog handlers who have competed at the National and International levels. Now training in the United States canines continue to bark [on command, of course] about her drive-basedtraining methods which make the training process an enjoyable experience for both dog and owner.

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Vom Schnellen Fuchs Kennel History

Her kennel in Germany, Malinois Kennel: “vom schnellen Fuchs”, produced dogs that consistently won High in Protection in Schutzhund Trials and in 1997 she presented the first Malinois Bitch in 10 years to pass the demanding German Koerung III.

It began in 1994. Uschi Fuchs, winner of both the German and Austrian Malinois Championships, and the top German finisher at the European Agility Championships, started the Malinois kennel “vom schnellen Fuchs”. Beginning with the first litter, “vom schnellen Fuchs” produced dogs that were highly successful in Schutzhund and in the Koerung.

Uschi’s first brood bitch was Bo (Bonsai) vom roten Falken.

The first litter in March 1994 was the offspring of: Bo vom roten Falken and Arek von der Wautz.

Ohne WorteOf the eight puppies in the litter, the three who were presented for Koerung achieved the Koerung III. This was unprecedented in the Malinois breed.

The three dogs who achieved the highest level were:

  • Amy vom schnellen Fuchs
  • Angie vom schnellen Fuchs
  • Ares vom schnellen Fuchs

In 1995, Uschi and Bo won the German Malinois Championships, and were the top German finishers at the European Agility Championships.

The second litter (B) in March, 1996 were the offspring of: Bo vom roten Falken and Elgos du Chemin des Plaines.

Highly successful dogs from this breeding were:

  • Babe vom schnellen Fuchs
  • Brenda vom schnellen Fuchs
  • Bjelo vom schnellen Fuchs

In 1997, Amy vom schnellen Fuchs was bred for the first time. Amy was an extremely strong bitch, with powerful and calm grips, who could take a lot of pressure from any decoy without feeling stressed.

In 2000, Uschi and Amy won the Austrian Malinois Championship and qualified for the FCI World Championships.

In 2004, Uschi’s very best friend, Mario Neumann took over her kennel “vom schnellen Fuchs“.