Some people find that they need more help with their dog than they get in group classes or private lessons. This can be because the person has physical or time limitations that make it hard for them

to practice the training, or because the dog has special needs. Sometimes a board and train program (also called doggie boot camp) works out really well. Uschi occasionally takes dogs into her home for intensive, individual training. Since training is her job, she has time throughout the day to focus on  training and dogs that stay with her advance very quickly through their lessons.

They return home to their owners with new skills and understanding of what is expected of them. This can be really helpful for the owners and the dog, because then they can focus on learning how to work together on something the dog already knows how to do well with Uschi. If you think that a boot camp might be appropriate for you and your dog, please contact Uschi, the Award Winning Trainer with  K9 University Internationale, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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