K9U offers private training in Phoenix Arizona for dog owners looking for a more personal touch.

If your dog has aggressive or behavioral problems they will need to start taking our private training before we allow them in our group training classes. Once these issues are worked out we encourage you to enjoy our group classes with your dog!

Aggressive Private Training

Dogs instinctively want to know their status within the pack and ingeniously this intrinsic need brings stability to the unit. Dogs also know that someone has to lead and someone has to follow. The most positive way to establish a successful pack is to think like a dog!

Uschi has been working with aggressive dogs for 28 years. She truly understands the causes of aggressive behavior which means she can fix the problem at the source. Some dogs exhibit fear aggression others are more dominant aggressive. Some exhibit territorial or dog aggression and some dogs have a combination of these aggressive behaviors. Uschi will get to know your dog as an individual and really understand why he’s being aggressive in order to design a training program that is clear, kind and effective. She can help you resolve or control whatever aggression problems you have with your dog, for instance:

Private Training

Uschi knows how to train all types of dogs.

  • Your dog is aggressive towards people in general
  • Your dog is aggressive towards children
  • Your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or animals
  • Growling without reason
  • Food or toy aggression
  • Handler aggression
  • Any other dog aggression problem

Behavioral Problems Private Training

This private training can help you resolve behavioral problems you experience with your dog. From  jumping to excessive barking or chasing cats, kids or other moving objects. Sign up for a private in-home session and see your dog behave! Dog behavioral problems include for instance:

  • Jumping up on people
  • Stealing from the table
  • Barking issues
  • chasing children, cats, cars, bicycles and other moving objects
  • excessive barking when the door bell rings
  • and whatever else your dog thinks might be a great idea….

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