We offer dog training in Phoenix Arizona starting with basic classes all the way to the most advanced competition training.

Are you looking to get started training your dog in Phoenix Arizona? You are going to be glad you found K9U, our lead trainer Uschi is world renowned for her dog training. To learn more about her and everything she has done, check out our About K9U page.

We offer great training that your dog and your wallet will thank you for. Our group training classes are a great way to get started working with K9U. We offer a basic and advanced group training class which you can learn more about by clicking here. If your dog has any issues with other dogs we can not allow them in our group classes, our private training is the answer! Working with Uschi one on one will ensure your dogs behavioral problems are addressed and your dog is ready for our group classes.

Does your dog have aggression or behavioral problems which you are unable to handle? Uschi knows how to handle all types of these problems and get them under control in no time. She will work with your dog one on one first to get an idea what is causing these issues. Once she has assessed your dog she will then work with you and the dog to teach you how to stop such behavior. Learn more about her private training which focuses on these types of problems, click here!