Phoenix Dog Training FAQ

At what age can I start to train my dog?

Any age is fine. The younger, the better.

When can I start a group class?

4 month and older.

Can I do Private Training with a 12 week old puppy?


At what age can I start with more formal training?

We except dogs that are 4 months and older in a group setting, in which you will get a more formal training.

How long is a Group Class?

One hour.

My dog is very aggressive. Can I still attend a Group Class?


Will you accept an aggressive dog/breed?

Yes in a private setting.

How long is a Private Session?

An obedience/behavioral session is about one hour, give or take.

Do you do In-Home Sessions?


What is Schutzhund?

Schutzhund is a European Dog Sport, started in Germany. It is the Triathlon of the Dog Sport. Like in Triathlon, it is a 3 phase sport in which the dog has to succeed in every single one of them to get the desired title.

Can any dog do Schutzhund?

To be successful in a trial the dog has to fulfill some requirements like height, etc.

Is it beneficial to do Schutzhund?

Very much. The dog learns so many different skills, useful in any real life situation.