Group Training

Top 5 Phoenix Dog Training Tips

1st: Be persistent. For instance: If you correct a dog because of an unwanted behavior, you need to do it EVERY time he/she shows it. If you let it happen sometimes and the next time you correct it, the dog has NO chance to understand you. This is extremely unfair and won’t lead to success.

Dog Training Phoenix 42nd: Don’t repeat yourself when giving a command. This won’t help at all. Instead, it will make your dog less responsive. If the dog does not respond to the command, you have to help him mostly with your body language, or a small correction.

3rd: Exercise the dog on a regular basis: Any exercise is good. Swimming, hiking (not over 90F and ALWAYS bring water with you), walking, playing fetch, let him play with other dogs, Agility,……… Attention! Hanging out in the backyard and barking at flies, birds, dogs, etc is NOT an exercise!!!!

4th: Do formal training: Doing any kind of formal training a few minutes a day keeps your dog in place (by YOU obeying the rules above) and will make him happier.

5th: Use the proper tools to walk your dog. For instance: A harness is made for sled dogs. If you don’t want that your dog pulls while on walks, get the right tool for it.